FBI Image of Bin Laden Actually Spanish MP

  “MP horrified by altered bin Laden pic”


Controversy arose in Spain this week when Gaspar Llamazares, the former leader and now parliamentary spokesman of the Spanish communist party ‘Izquierda Unida’, discovered that a recent FBI picture of what Osama Bin Laden may look like today was actually a photo-shopped picture of him taken from the internet. Llamazares says he is “‘stupefied’ by the FBI’s decision to use his photograph”, and he is considering legal action.

The FBI has admitted taking the picture from the internet, but say that “The forensic artist was not aware of the identity of the individual depicted in the photograph”. The US Embassy in Madrid has apologised for the error, but whoever’s image they used, someone would still be in the same situation. The image will be taken off the FBI website, but is now obviously in cyber-space for the foreseeable future.

Gaspar Llamazares:

Osama Bin Laden FBI Simulation:

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3 Comments on “FBI Image of Bin Laden Actually Spanish MP”

  1. Ade Says:

    Why did they not use pictures they have on bin laden and super impose the ageing process.
    Any one would feel outraged at being used and every right to take legal action.

  2. lubedawg Says:

    Why would they assume that Osama would cut his beard. This is all very weird, like it could have been done by a year 10 computer science kid mucking around in class. “I’ll lift his right eye brow to make him look like he’s plotting”. They really havn’t put any thought into it.

  3. Yeah, I must agree! I don’t believe it is part of any serious search for Bin Laden – really just a bizarre publicity campaign to rekindle suspicion and public alertness (with the exception that real PR people would probably do a much better job…)

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