Whale Wars: New Conclusive Footage of Japanese Attack

There is now conclusive new footage available from on-board the Ady Gil in the 3 minutes before it was rammed by the Japanese Whaling fleet vessel the Shonan Maru 2 last week. You will notice the footage is quite boring, as it is of the Ady Gil crew chatting about their day and heading slowly back to refuel. Then at the end of the footage, the Shonan Maru suddenly appears from nowhere, on the war-path, and rams them. The high-pitched beeping sound during the attack is the Japanese ship’s directional noise-weapon being focused on the Ady Gil:


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One Comment on “Whale Wars: New Conclusive Footage of Japanese Attack”

  1. Hart Says:

    This was attempted murder. These militant Japanese extremists must be stopped before they kill again.

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