In the Blogosphere: The Politics of Climate Change

“The politics of climate change, the impossibility of conservatism, and the role of the imaginary”

In the blogosphere today, an interesting review article from Larvatus Prodeo looking at the writings of Slavoj Žižek regarding apocalyptic politics and climate change. The general thrust of the piece is that in literally apocalyptic times it becomes impossible to truly maintain a conservative position, and that conservatism only serves to guarantee destruction, as unfettered global capitalism is the very process which is driving us towards decimation. However, while the potential damage of climate change is increasingly clear, and our window of action ever narrower, “Žižek argues that ‘the dominant ideology is mobilising mechanisms of dissimulation and self-deception which include a will to ignorance'” in order to prevent changes necessary to save civilisation. The only way for us to fight this suicidal malaise is to embrace our imagination about the kind of world we wish to have, and take the radical actions necessary to avoid imminent environmental and social calamity.

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