Welcome – Looking for Trouble: Analysis and Opinion on the Global and Local

This is an official welcome to my new blog – ‘Looking for Trouble: Analysis and Opinion on the Global and Local’ – a forum for broadcasting my developing thoughts on political and social issues. Reflecting the cutting quotation from Groucho Marx, the title embraces both the turbulent and often misdirected nature of political debate, as well as the reality that disseminating my opinions via the World Wide Web is surely asking for trouble.

The analyses and opinions I will express can be expected to range between left-of-centre and far-left-of-centre, though I approach issues with an open and critical mind, and often find myself with positions divergent from political parties and thinkers who share my ideological alignment. I am an early-career academic, with a doctorate in History, and lecture this subject at Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. I teach History units covering an extremely broad range of Global History, though my primary focus has been Twentieth Century History, Human Rights and Genocide. While the opinions expressed in this blog are entirely my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of any of my former, current or future employers or associates, they are accompanied by whatever credibility a higher degree and academic post can be said to confer.

My research speciality has been in African History, and I participate in a weekly radio segment on African affairs, so there may be a noticeable over-representation of discussion on African issues and the developing world (though only noticeable due to the dearth of discussion in other forums). However, in many cases it is actually the future of the developing world that is central to analyses of global issues – from global warming, to poverty, to terrorism and nuclear weapons, to the changing global balance of power.

I welcome your comment and interaction.

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One Comment on “Welcome – Looking for Trouble: Analysis and Opinion on the Global and Local”

  1. Tim Dymond Says:

    Good stuff Dave. I look forward to your thoughts on Nigeria – which is apparently very important but I know next to nothing about it.

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