In the News: “Nigeria Shell oil spills to be tried at Dutch court”

Oil company Shell is being taken to court for polluting local communities in the Niger Delta, Nigeria. The presence of Shell in Nigeria has generally funded an undemocratic government, caused environmental degradation, and fuelled activities of local rebel groups. This is a BBC article on that from 2004:

Recently Shell paid out $15.5 million in order to end a court case accusing them of complicity in the murder of Ogoni activists, including author Ken Saro-Wiwa, in 1995:

Shell’s presence in Nigeria cannot be said to have so far brought much prosperity to Africa’s most populous country.

A recent opinion piece I wrote that touches on the record of Western corporations in Africa can be found at:

“Hearts, Minds, and Wallets: Lessons from China’s Growing Relationship with Africa”, Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences, Vol 1, No 3, December 2009.

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2 Comments on “In the News: “Nigeria Shell oil spills to be tried at Dutch court””

  1. kayt Says:

    Hi nice looking blog 🙂

    On this topic this is a story I wrote in 2006 after interviewing the guy who wrote the report that focussed world attention on the Shell/Nigeria.

  2. Very interesting! Welcome to the blog!

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